English Department
Welcome to the English department.
The English department is an energetic, successful and thriving faculty staffed by enthusiastic teachers who share a love of the language as well as a strong desire to see our students achieve success. We pride ourselves in providing a supportive learning environment which has demonstrated continuous growth, development and year on year improvement.

We aim to provide a stimulating learning environment where all students feel comfortable and willing to participate in order to reach their full potential.
Our department utilises a wealth of resources to support learning and encourage pupils to achieve beyond their targets. We have laptops for use both in lessons and during and after school revision sessions. Pupils have access to interactive resources that are used to support and enhance teaching in lessons – all classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards. Our team of teachers use the electronic learning resource ‘Active Teach’ to support the implementation of the new GCSE specification. The program provides a wealth of additional resources, including videos, digital grammar activities, weblinks, PowerPoints and worksheets. Our department LSA team offer one to one tuition as well as group tuition to support specific needs within the classroom. We also have a dedicated team of English mentors who provide timely interventions for students who may be falling below target in the subject or who may need to catch up after absence. They also support pupils with additional tuition to improve coursework and lead revision classes in preparation for exams.
Our Courses
We teach a variety of courses and offer opportunities for pupils to take additional qualifications following their English GCSE.
English Language & Literature
Film Studies
Media Studies
A Level:
English Language and Literature
English Literature
Film Studies
Media Studies
Overview by year group
Year 7:
Pupils will study the following over the year:
  • All About Me – Basic Skills (writing focus)
  • ‘Skellig’ and ‘Millions’ – Introduction to PEEL & Analytical skills (reading focus)
  • ‘Skills for Writing’ – Fiction & Non-Fiction (writing focus)
  • Introduction to Poetry (reading focus)
  • The Shakespeare project (writing focus)
  • Roald Dahl ‘Matilda’ and ‘The Twits’ (reading focus)
Year 8:
Pupils will study the following over the year:
  • ‘Private Peaceful’ + PEEL revision (reading focus)
  • Creative writing – ‘War’ (writing focus)
  • Poetry – ‘Fear’ (reading focus)
  • ‘Skills for Writing’ – Fiction & Non-Fiction (writing focus)
  • ‘Different Cultures’ – 1950s &1960s America (reading focus)
  • Media and Travel writing – ‘Southend on Sea’ (writing focus)
Year 9:
Pupils will;
  • begin studying GCSE English
  • study collections of poetry
  • study a Shakespeare text
  • study structural and linguistic features of a variety of texts
  • be able to write in a variety of styles for different audiences and purposes
  • understand speaking and listening tasks both individually and in groups
Lower school pupils are encouraged to study the conventions and language of a variety of genres and then to imitate them in their own writing.
Year 10
All pupils will study for their English GCSE and will take their final exam at the end of Year 10.
Year 11
Pupils will study a variety of courses including 'AS' English or Media, GCSE English Literature, GCSE Media, GCSE Film, Functional Skills or will re-sit their GCSE English Language exam.

Michelle Buck
Head of English


film & media Studies
Welcome to the Film and Media Studies Department
We teach a variety of courses tailored to meet the individual needs of the pupil and offer a wide range of opportunities in industry or higher education. These courses include:
GCSE Film Studies (WJEC)
BTEC Creative Digital Media Production (Level 2) (Edexcel)
BTEC Creative Digital Media Production (Level 3) (Edexcel)
A2 Film Studies (WJEC)
A2 Media Studies (WJEC)

Our department is based in three teaching rooms, one of which is a dedicated computer room with six computers to be used for the purpose of research and media production. We have a fully functioning, bespoke green screen studio and provide pupils with access to HD video cameras, stills cameras, microphones and various lighting kits to produce coursework. Our resources include a wide range of DVD film and TV titles that is constantly growing with contemporary texts.
Additional Information
BBC School News Report
We have taken part in this BBC lead initiative for the past four years and our last report can be viewed on the school’s website.
Film and Media Ambassador Scheme
We have a working group of pupils who contribute to the school and department during open evenings, helping to organise events, working closely with organisations in our community and filming school shows.