Creative and Expressive Arts Department
Year 7 work includes:


Observational drawing
Portrait painting
Collage – Matisse style circus cut outs.
3D studies – preparatory pastel gargoyles.
Terracotta gargoyle masks.


If you would like to join any of these groups please see a member of the Music Department staff.

Anyone who plays a wind instrument is welcome to join Concert Band, even if you have only had one lesson. Jazz Band and Show Band are by invitation only.

Music Department Clubs

Keyboard Club & Homework Club MU1 with Mrs Rudd 10.35 - 10.55am
Theory Grade 5 upwards MU2 with Miss Bradley 12.40-1.15pm
Choir Monday MU1 with Mr Heron 3 – 4pm
Saxophone Group MU4 with Mr Rudd 3 – 4pm
Year 11 GCSE Music Intervention MU1 with Mrs Rudd 12.40 - 1.15pm
C-Side Wind Band MU4 with Mr Heron & Mr Rudd 7 - 9pm
GCSE Music Theory Intervention MU1 with Miss Bradley 12.40 -1.15pm
Grade 1-4 Theory MU2 with Miss Bradley 3 - 4pm
Jazz Band -grade 3 upwards MU4 with Mr Rudd 3 - 4.15pm
Drumline MU4 with Mr Rudd 12.35 - 1.15pm
Advanced Concert Band - grade 3 upwards MU4 with Mr Heron 3 - 4.15pm
Rock Band MU4 4 - 5pm
Flute Group MU1 with Mrs Rudd 10.35 - 10.55am
Keyboard, Logic Composition & Homework Club MU1 with Mr Heron 12.35 - 1.15pm


Theatre Arts
Our students have once again shown throughout the past year what a talented group of students they are.  Within lessons students develop not only their practical skills in acting, singing and dancing but also look at their analytical skills, not only of their own work but also the work of others.
Last year’s school production of Happy Days was one of our most successful yet.  The production was nominated for four different NODA awards.  Our back stage crew were nominated for the best set and technical production and our students were nominated for the Best Chorus, both of these awards are awarded alongside adult production companies.  Three of our students Alex Cohen, Luke Reid and Jake Bailey were all nominated for the Best Youth Performer award with Jake winning overall.  To complete our set of awards for Happy Days we were proud to receive the award for Best Youth Production.  A huge well done to all of our cast of Happy Days. 
The success of the department continues both within lessons, professional workshops and also with our Shoebury Dynamix troupes.  The Dynamix have performed not only at local venues within the community but also the Royal Albert Hall and the London Palladium, providing the students with invaluable experiences that I hope they treasure forever.  Our dance troupe were crowned the Regional winners at the Great Big Dance Off and produced a fantastic performance at the National Finals in Wellingborough, we were all extremely proud of them. 
This year’s school production of Rock of Ages is already looking fantastic and the cast of around 70 students are working extremely hard to ensure that it is another show stopping production.  Tickets will be available from the Theatre Arts office and we hope you will come and support our cast. 
We hope that our new gifted and talented students will audition to join the Shoebury Dynamix troupes which will begin again in January and wish all of our Theatre Arts students another successful year.
We have a thriving extra-curricular time table of events.  All our activities are open to all year groups, School Production, Drama Club and Shoebury Stars are non-selective and anybody can come along and learn new skills within the Performing Arts.  All groups have the opportunity to perform at the Easter and Summer Theatre Arts showcases where friends and family are able to purchase tickets to watch.  Dance Troupe and Glee Troupe also open to all years but every member must attend an audition, these are our competition and show troupes who are given the opportunity to compete at local events and perform in theatres across England and the South East.
Theatre Arts Courses
Year 10 – BTEC Level 1 / 2 Technical Award in Performing Arts and Drama
Year 11 – GCSE Drama and BTEC Level 1 / 2 First Award in Performing Arts
Year 12 – BTEC Level 3 Extended Certificate in Performing Arts
Year 13 – BTEC Level 3 Extended Certificate in Performing Arts